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repair damaged DNA with binaural beatsDid you know that our DNA can become damaged? When it is damaged this can result in gene loss and as a result some of the important functionality behind these genes is lost. There is lots of research on going to see exactly how this loss of functionality will affect us in the long run.

Binaural Beats Can Help Damaged DNA

Damaged DNA is far from rare and in fact can be damaged by any number of things. For example UV Rays, X-Rays, chemical intoxications and thermal disruptions can all damage our DNA. These are things that will all encounter which means there is a chance that our DNA is damaged.

DNA damage is thought to be one of the major influences in cancer biology. It is for this reason that is being looked into so extensively. We already know lots more on the subject than we did years ago and our knowledge is expanding all the time.

Unfortunately for us there is now way to tell whether we have damaged DNA or not. There is also no way to test if our DNA is in need of repair.

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The good news is that when our DNA is damaged our body will try and repair the cell itself as best it can. It will do this with a process called DNA stimulation. This works in a way that the healthy DNA is encouraged to bind with the damaged DNA in order to stimulate it repairing itself.

The bad news is that this is a long process and in some cases can take years to repair the damage that is done.

Whilst we can wait for our body to this our self there is really no need to wait that long. We have advancements in technology which means that we can use binaural beats to repair damaged DNA in just a few hours.

There has been lots of research into this field and it has been show that by applying delta frequencies to the DNA it can be stimulated to repair itself.

Don’t worry though because the process is easy and only requires you to listen to a recording each day for around 30 minutes a session. This binaural beat recording played through headphones can cause dramatic healing and DNA stimulation.

The great thing about this new technology is that it can be used by anyone. It is also simple to implement because it used in the home. If you find yourself constantly getting ill this could be due to DNA damage, wouldn’t it be great to fix this and feel healthier every day?

Binaural beats also have a number of other positive influences including improving your over all feeling of well being and helping you to feel more relaxed.

All in all there are so many positives surrounding binaural beats that is hard to know why more people are not taking advantage of their benefits. If you want to feel better about yourself, go about your day more relaxed and be assured that you don’t have any damaged DNA in your body then they are well worth looking into.

> Dna Stimulation Binaural Beats

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